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Zeynep Gedizlioğlu receives Ernst von Siemens Composers’ Prize

I am happy to announce that Zeynep Gedizlioğlu was one of the three recipients of the prestigious Ernst von Siemens Composers’ Prize! She is the bold composer of “Along the Wall” a very brilliant work about the ancient city walls of Istanbul (can be found on “Listening to Istanbul” CD).

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27 Jan

Inspiration, Spectral Time and Perception in the Music of Turgut Erçetin: A Conversation with the Composer

In this video, New Music Pianist Seda Röder and Turkish composer Turgut Erçetin speak about spectral music, inspiration and Erçetin’s latest piano composition, Drifting Through the Echoes of Time, which the composer dedicated to Seda Röder.

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30 May
Onur Turkmen

Onur Türkmen on the use of Turkish Maqams in his Music

Hat is a compositional approach that is not constructed through a dialectic of oppositions, contradictions and polarizations of the musical material(s), but rather through a dialectic between composer’s psyche and hat. Hat – a “line” of maqams penetrating and merging into one another – is gradually sought, communicated with and eventually revealed by the composer.

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17 Apr

Tolga Tüzün speaks about his Compositional Process

In this video Tolga Tüzün speaks about the compositional process that underlies his solo piano piece “Permance.”

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14 Feb

How Will a City Influence Your Music?

Turkish composer Zeynep Gedizlioğlu speaks about how Istanbul has influenced her creative work and how she composing for the piano is a special challenge.

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04 Feb

Tolga Tüzün speaks about his music and life in Istanbul

Here is a video of a conversation I made with the composer Tolga Tüzün in January 2010 in Istanbul. In this video we talk about his music and his life in Istanbul.

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04 Feb