Tuna, tell us a little bit about your newest video composition.

Tuna Pase: I made this piece back in 2008 for a quadraphonic set up. The main theme of the composition is based on the idea of “cold” and samples of sounds produced in cold weather. I used samples of Inuit games songs and Antarctica underwater recordings of sea mammals. Narration and flute part was played live after the piece set-up was clear. Did you create the videos as well?

Tuna Pase: No, the videos are made by Atil Altas whom i have collaborated with during my two Babylon Audio Visual performances. Two videos are a duet of projection while the piece is performed on tape.

Tuna Pase is a composer/performer based in Istanbul. Her areas of interest are electro-acoustic composition, improvisation, ethnomusicology, sound art and design. More information about her work can be found here.