Çağlayan Yıldız was born in Aydin (1966) and grew up in Izmir. In 1984, he started studying medicine in Medical Faculty of Aegean University, Izmir, while also continuing his music projects (rock, blues, funk, jazz) as a guitar player and theater projects as an actor and composer. After his graduation from the Med- School, Çağlayan decided not to practice medicine but instead he enrolled at the Bilkent University Conservatory Jazz Department with full scholarship.

From 1992 on, he lived partly in Istanbul, partly in the tiny Mediterranean town of Kaş, continuing his career as a composer/ performer. He has played with most of the prominent names of Turkish jazz scene, appeared on several jazz albums. He worked as a performer/arranger with prominent names such as Tarkan, Kubat, Grup Gündoğarken, Baris Manço, Ugur Yücel, Sener Sen, Aysegül, Grup Durga and Bosphorus in other genres. He worked as a guitar teacher in Akademi Istanbul. He wrote articles for “Jazz” magazine of Turkey.

In both 1994 and 1996, he spent 6 months in India to study the music and philosophy and translated books on the subject.

He moved to Amsterdam to in 2000 to further study Jazz Guitar, Jazz Bass Guitar, Jazz Arranging& Composition at Amsterdam Conservatory. Later he switched to Utrecht Conservatory to study Classical Composition with Henk Alkema, where he graduated with honors within one year. He also studied Electronic Composition with Rene Uijlenhoet in Rotterdam Conservatory in 2003/2004. In this period, he has focused more on composing in Contemporary Classical and Electronic contexts. In 2006, he has completed his Electronic Music studies in Utrecht University KMT, studying with Hans Timmermans, Rens Machielse, Marcel Wierckx, and Marc van Vught; getting “European Master of Media Arts” and “Composition in Contexts Master” degrees.

Between 2000-2006, during his aforementioned studies, he has worked actively as a leader, composer& performer in jazz, crossover& theater projects such as Turqumstances, Big Bad Bug Band, Çağlayan Yıldız Odd-Tett, AZ (duo w Oğuz Büyükberber), Dört-tett-lü, “Zijde, Staal & Bronze” (w Ensemble Gending), “I, Human” (a TR-NL Theater Project), “Ferhat& Şirin” (a TR-NL Theater Project) and performed in many festivals and venues, while still working as a guitar teacher in a Music School in Amsterdam. He offered several 1 week workshops in Jazz Departments of Utrecht and Rotterdam Conservatories, and worked as an editor/ copyist for a music publishing company while working on developing a universal notation system for improvisational gestures.

In 2006, has moved back to Turkey and continued to compose and perform with various projects.

In 2008, he has participated in the project “Medcezir- Ebb and Flow” and the recording was released in September 2009 from Karnatic Lab Records.

Currently Çağlayan lives in Antalya as a free-lance performer/composer.

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