Tolga Zafer Özdemir began his studies with Faris Akarsu and continued with Kamran Ince, İlhan Usmanbaş, Mark Wingate and Fernando Benadon at the Istanbul Technical University Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (ITU/MIAM) and at the University of Memphis, where he received his PhD in 2007. Özdemir’s music has been heard in numerous countries around the world such as England, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, United States, Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia.

Grown up in Anatolia, Özdemir had a chance to observe many different cultures live together and interact. As a natural result of this experience, he had created a musical language in which he constructs and blends together seemingly disparate musical (and ocassionally non-musical) layers while keeping the basic musical ideas such as the tonal center, tempo and musical style.

Tolga is currently teaching harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and composition at Bilgi University, Istanbul. He also regularly offers master classes and research seminars for composers on the topics such as the “Ancient Middle-East Music Theory; Music theory research on Tablet CBS 10096 (1800 B.C.)”, “Operation Manual for Circle of Fifths; Usage of Circle of Fifths as a compass for composition”, “Harmonic Chaos Theory; Understanding the Cosmos from a Cello string.”