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Mark Alban Lotz

Mark Alban Lotz is a German multi flautist, recording artist, bandleader, composer based in Holland.

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02 Apr

JEMP Istanbul 2014, 19th–26nd October 2014

Previously held in London, the critically acclaimed Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland (JEMP) festival heads to Istanbul for its first ever edition abroad this October as part of the 2014 cultural programme celebrating 600 years of Polish – Turkish diplomatic relations. Taking place at various venues across the city, including Salon IKSV, and the popular Arkaoda, the festival will showcase an eclectic mix of free jazz, electroacoustic improvisation, deconstructed classical ottoman music and other experimental styles. In addition to concerts, there will be residencies, installations and sound art proje cts, all involving cross – border partnerships.

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29 Sep

Alper Maral

Alper Maral graduated from the School of Economics of Istanbul University and completed his master’s and doctoral degrees in Musicology and Composition at Ege University.

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18 Jul

Planet X

Simultaneously ethereal and concrete, both spectral and textural, Planet X-the debut collaboration between guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu and violist Ulrich Mertin-tells the story of the appearance in the sky of a new heavenly body and follows one hapless explorer’s quest to discover what lies at its heart.

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Timeless Waves

Helvacioglu’s Timeless Waves is based on the timbres of Togaman GuitarViol, Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, sine waves, various analog pedals and hardware fx processors. The music combines elements from genres such as electroacoustic, drone, noise, contemporary music blended with minimal melodies.

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Erlik Khan

Erlik Khan is the god of death and underworld in Turkish and Mongolian mythology. This collaboration between Turkish experimental genre-hopper and multi-media artist Erdem Helvacioglu and Brooklyn, NY contextualizer Bruce Tovsky is a truly otherworldly experience.

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