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Hakan Ulus

Hakan Ulus was born on 22.02.1991in Buxtehude (Germany), but spend his childhood in Mönchengladbach. He has a turkish background; his parents migrated as guest workers from Turkey to Germany in the 1970s. First he gets piano lessons by Hans Michael Esser, later he changes to the Australian pianist Katherine Beno.

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20 Mar

Mehmet Nemutlu

Born in 1966 Mehmet Nemutlu began his music studies with Muammer Sun, Necil Kazım Akses, Kamuran Gündemir and Ertuğrul Oğuz Fırat in Ankara.

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07 Apr

Üç Çagdas Besteci

The album “Three Contemporary Composers” consists of two CDs bringing together fifteen works by three composers Hasan Uçarsu (*1965), Mehmet Nemutlu (*1966), and Özkan Manav (*1967) of the 1960s generation.

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